children and sleep

A young child’s body and brain develops rapidly, needing good quality rest, and sleep, to optimise their development. At birth a baby’s brain is 25% the size of an adult, by the age of 2 years, this increases to 80%.

Falling asleep is a learned behaviour, and like making a cake, the right ingredients are needed, in the right measure, at the right time.

Younger children often become used to falling asleep following particular rituals, or using familiar objects. Some may have become unsettled by a recent event like transferring from a cot to a bed, or by sleeping away from home at a relatives house or holiday destination. Others may have ongoing health needs that continue to affect the pattern, and quality of their sleep. For most families, simple behavioural changes can be made, to help everyone get the sleep they need.

Being able to understand a child’s stage of development and personality, is key to helping them feel confident, relaxed, and able to settle with minimal assistance.

Help is available on an individual, or small group basis.

The popular Troubleshooting package, can be used as a stand alone package for parent’s needing guidance, but minimal support. It can also be used as an initial assessment, as part of the more intensive Bedtime Buddy, or Overnight Owl packages.

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