teenagers and sleep

Teenagers have many changes to cope with as they endeavour to move from a position of dependence to independence. Many have grown up in a rapidly expanding electronic age, unfamiliar to previous generations. Learning, reading, communication, leisure, and even some methods of relaxation, are now heavily immersed in technology. In their busy world, a teenager’s sleep is often fragmented, and of poor quality. They may wake feeling as exhausted as when they fell asleep.

Our normal 24 hour body clock, contains smaller 90 minute cycles. These cycles naturally divide the day into periods of rest and activity. Humans are not meant to be logged on, or active 24/7. As we race from one deadline to the next, rest has become a term confused with laziness, and sleep, a state to be avoided. For others, the art of feeling physically tired, but mentally rested, has been lost, or never learned.

The good news is that humans are creatures of habit which can be modified, or relearned. By making some simple adjustments, the quality of your teenager’s sleep can be improved. Increased physical activity, good food, passive rest periods, and peaceful sleep, all produce a natural rise in energy levels, and feel good hormones, The added bonus of quality sleep, is improved concentration levels, and memory.

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